All you need to know about the IMA Ball Party.

IMA Ball Party is the last social event organized by the Indian Military Academy two weeks before the passing out parade for its Gentleman Cadets to teach them “how to behave in presence of ladies” with whom they were hardly in contact with during their training period.

The purpose of organizing an IMA Ball Party is not only this but also its academy way of rewarding efforts of GCs for undergoing rigorous training over the years and with this party, cadets get a chance to sit back and relax and have a memorable night with their lady friends and comrades.

GCs can invite their girlfriends / Lady Friends to let them experience a night full of fun, romance and glamour and due to Army ball parties, girls get to see a soft and romantic side of their man and have a glimpse of their man’s life and experiences in the IMA.

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IMA Ball Party – Dress Code

Before I explain other details of the IMA Ball Party, let’s have a look at the dress code followed by the GCs / Officers and their lady partners.

Young GCs and officers dress up in 6 Bravo uniform which is a customary dress of army dress code. GCs don crisp white shirt, black trousers and well-polished black boots to impress their lady dance partners.

Army Wives wear lovely and gorgeous sarees and their young counterparts which are GCs lady friends or girlfriends prefer to wrap themselves up in a variety of trendy gowns and dresses.

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IMA Ball Party – Event

The party is organized on IMA’s huge lawn where a massive lit stage, DJs, Speakers and well-lit dance floor is set up. IMA Ball Party begins at 1900 hours with a welcome note of emcees followed by Mr. and Ms. IMA Competition.

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Generally, every company 2 participants participate for the title of Mr. and Ms. IMA., and various fun activities like ramp walk and several rounds of QnA, etc. are conducted to choose the winners.

IMA Ball Party – Dance and Event end

After Mr. and Ms. IMA get selected, the Commandant rolls the huge disco ball and hit the dance floor with his wife to have the first dance of the night, later other army officers and their partners joins them.

The real party starts when cadets and their female partners hit the dance floor and start the stage blazing unlike those who were unable to get dates they join the party as stags and can ask for a dance from the girls present around.

Food and drinks are also provided through the GCs are not authorized to have them. Drinks are provided only to army officers invited at the IMA Ball Party.

So after dancing, eating and chatting, the party ends at 2330 hours where all guests leave and cadets move for night fall-in assembly.


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