How to join the Indian Army after 10th standard in 2021


Before I explain how you can join the Indian army after the 10th standard in 2021 or what discipline you can choose after the 10th, to begin your career in the Indian army, you must know on which ranks you can join the Indian army in 2021.

In the army, the Indian army ranks are classified into three categories:

1) Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers are the leaders of the army and hold command in units from platoon to corps and above. All Army officers join the army as cadets having no insignia at the time of their training. After completion of training, cadets will then be enlisted in the army at the rank of Lieutenant.

Officers are continuously put through different courses and being assessed on merit throughout their career, for promotions and appointments. For lieutenant colonel and colonel, time period in service is also considered for promotions and above colonel promotions are based on selection.

The lowest rank among the commissioned officers is the Lieutenant who wears a two five-pointed stars insignia on his/her shoulders.

2) Junior Commissioned officers(JCOs)

Junior Commissioned Officers is a military officer whose rank is lower than Lieutenant and higher than a Havildar. They are promoted from non-commissioned officers. The senior-most officer among Junior commissioned officers is Subedar-Major and below him, the hierarchy is in this manner. (Subedar Major > Subedar > Naib Subedar).

3) Other Ranks(ORs)

Other Ranks in the army includes Non-commissioned officers(NCOs) and Sepoy(Siphai/Jawan). NCOs are those officers that are promoted from jawans/sepoys or joined the army at the rank of Havildar which is the senior-most rank among the NCOs and below him, the hierarchy is in this manner. (Havildar > Naik > Lance Naik > Sepoy).


How to Join The Indian Army?

So, you can join the Indian army at the rank of a Lieutenant as a commissioned officer but for that, you must have passed class 12th exams or its equivalent and age limit should be between 16.5- 19 years, and from there through the National Defense Academy (NDA), Pune, Maharashtra.

Then, you can join the army as JCOs and ORs at the ranks of Naib Subedar(JCO), Havildar(ORs), and Sepoys(ORs).

But to join the Indian army after the 10th standard, one can only go through the lowest rank in the army as a sepoy(siphai) and from there, sepoys are promoted, on the basis of merit, performance, attitude, and their time of service in the army.

Now, don’t be disheartened because almost 75-80% of sepoys can reach the rank of Havildars and the rest to Naib Subedars. As far as, joining the army as a sepoy is concerned after the 10th standard, this can be done through the Indian army rally at the posts of :

1) Soldier General Duty (All Arms)

In this post, the duties of the soldier are not specified and they can be placed in the army as security officials to the drivers for a commissioned officer or work in the canteens, etc., men in these posts get to experience all kinds of jobs in different arms and services in the army.

Requirements to join 
  1. Minimum Age – 17½ – 21 Years (No relaxation what-so-ever)
  2. Educational Qualifications – 10th pass with 45% & each subject must contain 33%
  3. Marital Status – Unmarried
  4. Physical Test – 1600 Metre Running, Pull-ups, Zigzags, 9 Feet Ditch.
  5. Medical 
  6. Written Exam

1)You can join:

  1.  National Security Guard.
  2. Paramilitary Special Forces (PARA SF)
  3. Rashtriya Rifles (RR)
  4. High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS)
  5. And Other Arms and services


On Level-3 pay-matrix,

Net Salary = Gross Salary – Deductions[Gross Salary includes allowances and differs according to posting and deductions includes AFPP FUND, AGIF, PLI]

Net Salary = 33,000 – 5,500=  Rs 27,500 per month


In a year,  3 months’ leave is provided, of which 2 months’ leave must be taken (compulsory) and the left month it depends on you whether you want to take a leave or not, but if you opt not to then in that month, you will be paid twice the amount of your salary.

4) Railway pass

The Indian army provides you with 2 railway passes(to and fro) in a year.


2) Soldier General Duty( Woman Military Police)

This Bharti is specifically for women and girls who are willing to join the Indian army. If you to join the army as a girl after passing 10th standard then you can opt for this, but before applying following requirements have to met.

Please refer to the table below:

(in years)
Born Between
(Both dates
Minimum Physical
Education RequirementPhysical test
17 ½ - 2101 Oct 1999
01 Apr 2003
Height - 152 cms
Weight - Proportionate
to height and age as per
Army Medical standards.
Chest Expansion - The
candidate should be
capable of chest
expansion of 05cm
Minimum education qualification is
Matric / 10th / SSLC or equivalent
with 45% marks in aggregate and
minimum 33% marks in each
subject studied at Matric /10th
/SSLC level without mentioning
any specific subjects
a) 1.6 Km Run
(i) Upto 7 Min 30 Sec - Group -I
(ii) Upto 8 Min - Group -II
(b) Long Jump 10 Feet - Need to qualify
(c) High Jump 3 Feet - Need to qualify

Note-1 :

  • Kindly note that once the registration of candidates is over, a cut off list will be generated and admit cards will be issued only to a limited number of candidates proportionate to the vacancies required to be filled.
  • Cut off merit list will be decided based on first the aggregate marks in 10th class and thereafter if there are more candidates with the same marks, then candidates of higher age will be preferred.


  • The Upper Age limit will be relaxable up to 30 yrs of age (as on date of joining training) in respect
    of widows of Defence personnel who have died in harness.


  • In case of physical test, Provisions for Extra Time for 1.6 Km Run in Hilly Terrain is as
    (i) Between 5000 Ft to 9000 Ft – Add
    30 Secs to all timings.
    (ii) Between 9000 Ft to 12000 Ft –
    Add 120 Secs to all timings.

They get the same benefits as Soldier General Duty (ALL Arms) please refer above.


3) Soldier Tradesman


You can join this post after the 8th standard or the 10th standard and will be placed on one of these jobs as shown in the table below according to the requirements.

After 8th passAfter 10th pass
House KeeperSteward
Mess KeeperChef (Cook)
NAWasher-Man (Dhobhi)
NABarber/ Hair-Dressor
NAEquipment Repair(ER)


Requirements to join 
  1. Minimum Age – 17½ – 23 Years (No relaxation what-so-ever)
  2. Educational Qualifications – simple 10th pass and should have scored min 33% in each subject and for house-keeper/mess-keeper 8th pass.
  3. Marital Status – Unmarried
  4. Physical Test – 1600 Metre Running, Pull-ups, Zigzags, 9 Feet Ditch.
  5. Medical
  6. Written Exam

They get the same benefits as Soldier General Duty (ALL Arms) please refer above.


3) Soldier GD/Tradesman( By Joining through Territorial Army Rally 2021)

The Territorial Army is the second line of defense set up on Oct 9th, 1949, It is the part of the regular Indian army and ensures the security of the nation from internal threats and supporting the Indian army whenever it is needed.

It is meant for those people who weren’t able to join the army due to some unforeseen circumstances and have crossed the minimum age requirements to enter the Indian army.

There are two ways for you to join the TA army and these are:

  • an officer for graduates and working professionals
  • a jawan on the posts of Soldier GD/Soldier Clerk/Soldier Tradesman.
Requirements to Join

Age – All applicants from 18 to 42 years of age can join the TA army after the 10th.

Education:- You can join the TA army after the 10th as a Jawan for the posts of Soldier GD & Soldier Tradesman. But for that following educational qualification must be met by you:

  • Soldier GD – 10th pass with 45% marks or 12th pass by 45% marks in all subjects.
  • Soldier Tradesman – 10th pass with 45% marks or 12th pass by 45% marks in all subjects.

Physical Standard – There are:

  • Height – 5.33 ft/160 cm/1.60 m
  • Chest- 77 to 82 cm
  • Weight – 50 Kg

Note: Above standards are general and there may be different physical standards from the regions you are applying for TA.


How to apply?


(A) Check Notifications about Bharti

In order to join the army after the 10th standard. The following steps have to be considered:

1)  You have to check the notifications of Army Rally Bharti 2021 for the region you originate from at, in order to enter this site first you have to enter a captcha and after that, you will reach on it, as is shown below.




2) Go to Rally Notifications as shown in the image above and look for the area you originate from and click on the pdf link as shown below in the image.


Choose Rally according to your region.
Choose Rally according to your region and click on pdf link.


3) Then a pdf document will open that contains all the information about :

  • Dates from and To you can apply for Bharti.
  • Also, the date at which admit card would be sent to you on your email.
  • About the districts, from whom candidates can apply for Bharti.
  • Category to apply for( Sepoy Pharma, Soldier GD, etc) and all details regarding physical criteria along with passing marks for it, educational and medical criteria.
  • Special standards and relaxations in marks which candidates can avail for.
  • Lists of all documents and certificates to bring at the time of physical tests.


This image shows the pdf format after clicking the pdf link.

(B) How to Register Online for the Indian army rally Bharti 2021?

According to the new government rule, a candidate must apply and fill an application form for the Bharti online. Any candidate without the registration will not be allowed to appear in the Indian Army Open Rally Bharti. Following steps must be carried out for that:

1) Same as Step-1 Check notifications and Now will check your eligibility for that go through check eligibility in JOC/OR enrollment. Then fill this form shown in Image-4 and click on the Check eligibility button. This will show the army rallies you can apply for.


Checking Eligibility.


2) Now, Click on apply for the posts you are eligible for. Check the image below.


Eligibility Tests and applying for the job



3)  After that a new page will open that will ask for login or for new registration, for that click on Registration. If you already have an account with this site skip the following steps and proceed to How to apply online for Bharti but if you haven’t, then follow the steps accordingly. Check the image below:


Registration/Login link Of JCO/ORs
Registration/Login link Of JCO/ORs. Click on registration for new registrations.


4) Then, a new page will open where all important instructions to fill an application form is available for you in Hindi/English language. If you want to, you can go through these or proceed by clicking on continue. See Image Below:


Instructions to fill the form
After going through instructions, click on continue to proceed.


5) On the next page, you have to fill in your personal details but keep in mind that they are accurate because you will not be able to change them later on. After filling in the details, click on Submit. Check the image below:


Click on Submit after filling in the accurate details.


6) You will be sent a one-time OTP on your Email Id and Enter that OTP and click on Submit Button. Check Image Below:


An OTP will be sent to your email Id, enter that OTP here and click on submit.


7) You will see all the personal details that you input in step-4 and those fields that are blank in both Images 10 and 11. Now, fill in those and after that click on the save button as shown in Image -11.

For Image-10:

In Image -10, You have to fill in additional information like:

  • Gender
  • Height
  • Marital Status

For Image-11 :

In Image -11, You have to fill in additional information like:

  • Highest Qualification
  • Matriculation/10th Certificate – Fill in your 10th passed Certificate Number.
  • Creating a password




Congratulations, You have registered and created your account at the site of the Indian Army. You can see in Image-12, how your profile will look after registration.



(C) Application Dashboard

It is important for you to know, how to use your application dashboard (Refer to Image -12) efficiently. Now let’s discuss.

  • My Profile – It will show you, all your personal details. Now, if you click on update it will show that you can edit the profile after canceling the application.
  • Apply online– It shows the Eligibility form for JCO/ORs followed by the Bharti you can apply for at present.
  • History of applications– It shows you, your application and it’s status and from here you can open your applications in order to make changes to it, or to download it.
  • Change Password– As the name suggests, you can change your account password here.
  • Admit Card– You can download your admit card and roll no. here and take a printout of it here.
  • Affidavit – It gives you the Affidavit form for the Bharti you applied for.
  • Feedback/Query– You can ask or write any query related to your application or the rally here.
  • Aadhar Verification– It shows your Aadhar card has been verified.


(D) How to Apply online for Bharti?

In order to apply for the rally, you can either login by clicking on JCO/OR/apply/Login (Check Image-1) and then after that put in email Id in Username and your password(Check Image-5) and click login. After doing so, you will be on your dashboard (Check Image-12) from where you click on apply online.

Note: If the site stopped working during the process then login again in your dashboard and then click on history of applications and then click on view to reopen it from where it stopped working.

Also, you can cancel the application too. Check the Image below:



1) Now, after clicking on apply, this will open the Eligibility form for JCO/ORs. Fill this form shown in Image-4 and click on the Check eligibility button. This will show the army rallies you can apply for. Then Click on Apply( Refer to Image-5).

2) After this Application Instructions Form will open in front of you, here you can read instructions both in Hindi/English and then click on continue to proceed forward. Check the Image below:



3) Continue button will lead you to the personal application form, where you have to add in Image and Signature according to instructions given in the form and then you have to add in other details like:

  • Religion
  • Apply for
  • Class Category- Here you have to enter either religious community/region/zone of India you belong from.

In the Image-15, the above-mentioned categories have been highlighted for you. After this click on the save and continue button to proceed forward.



4)  Next, you have to enter your address details under communication and click on the save and continue button to proceed forward. Check the image below and note if the permanent address is the same as the correspondence address then tick the box highlighted by the arrow.

Image-16Address details


5) Now, under details, if you belong to sports/NCC categories then mark YES else NO and then click to save and continue to proceed to the education section. Check the image below:



6) Now fill in your education details, since you want to join the army after the 10th then fill in those and then click on add, after this, your records will be saved and then you can add your subjects and then at last click on continue.



7) Next, it shows Eligibility Criteria Based on Education Detail, it shows your current application and then click on Continue to proceed forward.



8) Now, your form is filled and it’s a summary in front of you after that take your time and go through your application once more and check whether it is alright, then click on submit button at the end.

9) After submitting the application, on the same page you will get two options:

  • Edit- You can make changes to your applications, in case of errors.
  • Cancel Application

Congratulations, your application for the rally have been submitted. Now if you go to the History of applications in your Dashboard, your application status would be submitted. In order to download your application form, click on view, scroll down and download by clicking on the pdf in the end. It must be noted that you cannot download the form till the last date of applying for Bharti’s.


(E) How to Download Indian Army Rally Admit Card?


Note:  Your admit card will come after the last date of applying for Bharti’s, so be on the lookout for its notification at

In order to download your admit card, you have to follow the steps listed below:

  • First, Go to
  • Then, enter the captcha and then click on enter website.
  • Go to JCO/OR Apply/login. (Refer to Image-1)
  • A Registrations/Login page has been opened, if you have registered and then log in using Email Id and Password. If not then check- option 2-4 under How to apply.
  • After logging in, Go to Admit Card, as you can see in the image below.
  • Now, see the application you have applied for and click on print. After this, a digitally created admit card will open under this, you have to scroll down and click on pdf in the end and download it from there.
  • When you open the pdf, it will be password protected, in order to open it enter your Email Id( SMALL CASE LETTERS)


Army Rally Admit Card



You can join the Indian army after the 8th standard on the post of Soldier Tradesman and for the 10th standard on the posts of Soldier GD and Soldier Tradesman. Also, there is one more way for you i.e. to join the territorial army as a Jawan for the posts of Soldier GD/Tradesman. It must be noted that in order to join the army as an officer at the rank of the Lieutenant- lowest rank among the officers in the army – you must be 12th pass, more preferably from the Science stream.


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