About Us

Jai Hind,

Welcome to Sena Jankari, on this blog I share the information of Indian armed forces twice per week. Whatever information is shared on senajankari.in is shared keeping in mind the interest of the people.

Our Vision

My mission is to provide accurate knowledge of the Indian armed forces to our readers.

I read and surfed the web about the details of the army, navy and airforce, all I found out, is that there is no one place that holds the content regarding these military forces. Most of the people are writing or sharing about recruitment information.

That’s where I came In.
At Sena Jankari,

  • I provide my audiences not only with information related to armed forces and all the stuff they do but also about recruitment and how to join them.
  • I also share relevant news about the forces and what is going around in the sphere of Indian Military space.
  • I share stories of soldiers(Current Status: Martyrs, Retired or Still in service) and their families.
  • I send emails to my subscribers regarding any new notifications about joining the Indian Army as an Officer or JCO/Ors.

As I said, I post an article twice per week on this blog. Whatever I think is beneficial for you, I share it. However, if you want to know about anything and it is not available on my blog, then you can ask by commenting or by email. I will share the solution on my blog as soon as possible.

About Founder

In case you are wondering, who am I?

My name is Sagar Gupta.  I am the Founder and Author of Sena Jankari. I am a commerce graduate from Kurukshetra University affiliated Dyal Singh College, Karnal. I am a businessman by profession and also love to read and blog about the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce.

Email address: sagargupta1032@gmail.com


senajankari.in is providing a great platform for many budding Journalists and Content Writers to write and express their views on Security and Defense Matters.

If you want to write a guest post for my website or work with me, you can write to me at sagargupta1032@gmail.com. My readers can provide their valuable feedback on my articles and posts or anything in comments section or can use the Contact page to do the same.

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